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Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Powerful Social Media Strategies to Attract More Clients and Become Legal Thought Leaders


Michele’s bestselling book Content Marketing for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Use Powerful Social Media Strategies to Attract More Clients and Become Legal Thought Leaders is helping redefine content marketing and social media marketing for the legal industry. To fully leverage the power of social media for your legal marketing you need one indispensable ingredient: CONTENT.


Michele and her company develop and execute communication strategies with some of the largest corporations in the world, such as Shell Oil, Toyota, and Verizon, and now she has shared many of the same strategies in her new book. Here is what one preeminent legal thought leader has written about her book: “this may well be the most valuable business development book you will ever read” as lawyers.


As a former multiple Emmy-award winning TV news anchor, she shares secrets of top journalists which attorneys can easily and effectively implement to build their practice. The topics include how to: easily create attention-grabbing content, stand out among the plethora of other firms, implement time saving strategies, and avoid marketing missteps.


Book Benefits




Using the secrets of top journalists, you can easily and effectively create compelling content like a pro.




  • Get your message to your target clients in an understandable and engaging way so you become THE trusted, preferred and referred attorney
  • Easily create attention-grabbing content your target clients need
  • Stand out among the plethora of other firms in the marketplace
  • Use branded content like blogs, videos, eBooks, SlideShares, Case Studies, White Papers, Webinars/Webcasts, Podcasts, Photos, Virtual Educational Events and more to attract more clients
  • Implement time-saving strategies that won’t take away from your billable hours
  • Engage your social media savvy clients to increase your client retention rates
  • Avoid marketing missteps and the top mistakes lawyers make when using social media

Here’s the Foreword from the book in which a preeminent legal thought leader highly recommends this book.


“Powerfully” is the only way to describe how Michele Ruiz weaves together her formidable communications and marketing skills and insights to describe the rapid emergence of content marketing and social media at the vortex of legal marketing. In doing so, she concisely makes the case that every lawyer and law firm must make use of the arsenal of digital tools to communicate the value they can deliver as an essential component in their go-to market strategy. If you need to know more about why this is so, or what to do about it and how, or if you feel compelled to convince someone else in your firm of it, whether you are the chair or managing partner of a large or small law firm, a law student, an associate, a young or senior partner, or just flying solo, or if you are reporting to someone in the C-suite, this book will lay it all out for you in an hour or two, from the predicate for, or the “how-to” of, content marketing and social media for lawyers and law firms.


Content Marketing for Lawyers

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If you believe that developing and retaining the best clients for the best work and ultimately building trusted advisor relationships is about delivering value in addition to being a great lawyer, this book is the accelerator you need to get from 0 to 100 and beyond, fast. Fair warning: it does not portend to be a substitute for tried-and-true relationship-based marketing and business development: networking, publishing, speaking, serving as a “go-to” source for journalists or even letting your results speak for themselves. Instead, recognizing that rare is the ultra-successful lawyer who has enough time to spend on building all the business he or she can, Michele explains in easy-to-understand steps dozens of ways you can use social media to leverage your relationship building and business development time without getting lost in jargon or overwhelmed by options and avoid being bested from the “short list” by a competitor because a prospect had never heard of you or the value you deliver.


Every minute of every day we rely on more and more data for everything we do. When was the last time you pulled a volume of an encyclopedia off your book shelf? Instead, we entered the era of the Internet. We use our cell phones, our tablets, and our PCs to search data on the cloud for answers to nearly all of our questions. Yes, Virginia, legal marketing data indicates that prospects and clients increasingly turn to the cloud to find the expertise they need. If you’re not on the Internet, clients can’t find you. If they can’t find you, they can’t hire you. Likewise, the brighter the value you deliver shines, the more places it will go, the more likely you will be found, and the better clients will understand why they need you on their short list. This is the essence of content marketing. It is upon us now, and it is our future.


Ultra-successful lawyers and law firms are always looking for ways to turn their expertise into great results to build strong relationships and win more work. If that’s you, or if you’re interested in joining them at the top, this book is bound for you. It may well be the most valuable business development book you will ever read. Enjoy the success it will bring you!


– Peter Zeughauser, Zeughauser Group